Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a way for government organizations to get numerous, commonly encountered construction projects done quickly and easily through multi-year contracts. JOC reduces unnecessary levels of engineering, design, and contract procurement time along with construction project procurement costs by awarding long-term contracts for a wide variety of renovation, repair and construction projects.

With an emphasis on partnering and team work between owners and contractors, JOC provides the methodology to execute a wide variety of indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity, fixed-price, multiple simultaneous orders for renovation, rehabilitation and repair work for large facilities and infrastructures.

Over the past ten years, Saybr has successfully executed numerous federal and state job order contracts. As a successful JOC contractor, Saybr has demonstrated a proven ability to manage and effectively complete hundreds of simultaneous projects involving multiple local subcontractors at multiple job locations. Throughout each of our contracts, we have focused on reducing our JOC customer’s administrative burden, while providing productive teamwork and continuous coordination to complete public works projects efficiently and effectively.

We have specifically pursued job order contracts because they capitalize on what Saybr does best – working as an extension of our customer’s teams to realize their goals. The JOC process allows us the platform from which we can effectively showcase our commitment to working on our customer’s team and meeting their needs, job after job.

Below is a list of Job Order Contracts Saybr is currently executing:

  • City of Shoreline Contract No. 9968
  • Department of Enterprise Services Southwest Contract No. J20-06
  • City of Bellevue Contract No. 1850237
  • Pierce Transit Contract No. 50-19
  • USPS Oregon #072382-16-B-0088