Trust is where we must start. Trust is the foundation that we build everything else on. At Saybr, we extend our own trust and expect to be trusted.

Improvise, Overcome, and Adapt

Our team relishes the opportunity to overcome challenges and get the job done where others may fail. We maintain a willingness to actively engage in problem solving for each other and our clients.

Always Take the High Road

We avoid petty disputes that are counterproductive and time-consuming. We keep our egos in check in the pursuit of viable solutions for our company; our relationship with our clients always takes priority over proving our point.

Maintain the Long View

Maintaining the long view goes hand-in-hand with taking the high road. We continually remind ourselves what we really want to achieve by asking, “What is the action we can take now that will get us closer to our long-term goals?”

Cultivate Diverse Teams

Construction is a team sport; nothing gets built without each other. Diversity – diversity of backgrounds, thought, and culture – builds teams by sparking innovation. We strive to build diverse teams with our clients, our vendors, and one another, with the goal of achieving big wins together. 

Safety Is Our Business

We place our highest priority on safety. No amount of money is worth an injury or a loss of life. Our foremost objective is for each person to return home every day in the same or better condition than when he or she started. We actively search for ways to do our work more safely, in a manner that promotes the highest level of protection for people and the environment.